Welcome to the Love from NYC store!
Welcome to the Love from NYC store!
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Welcome to Love from NYC!

This is a musical love story, set in New York City. Love in the time of Covid.

Amidst the chaos and against the odds, New Zealander Lady Flic & Brooklyn born Pérez Massimo married on Christmas Eve 2020 on the Jersey City waterfront.

Love from NYC wedding day

They live together in Jackson Heights with their two legendary cats, and have joined their magnificent and extensive musicalities together to bring the world a DJ concept like no other, Love from NYC.

A melting pot of music encompassing Jazz, Soul, Rare Groove, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Brazilian, Funk, Balearic, House, Disco and much more, they are doing it for the love of music and for the love of that wonderful tangible medium, vinyl.

Add fashion into the mix, as well as banter, New York tales and a fair sprinkling of comedy, the pair are a duo like no other.  

Lady Flic is a DJ, Music & Creative Director & Singer with 25+ years in the business. Living in NZ, Dublin, London, Bali and finally NYC, her travels have been eventful and fruitful. She has booked and played with some of the world's most well known artists such as Snoop Dogg & Mark Ronson, to some of the most deep underground like DJ Harvey & Maurice Fulton, with props from the latter in the form of a IG post "The best DJ in Bali, hands down". 

Pérez Massimo is a DJ, dancer, poet, storyteller. He has that old school NYC style that is a lost art in today's world. He was Djing in the NY House scene around 2010-2016 at places like Sapphire Lounge, The Sullivan Room and Cielo. For personal reasons he gave up djing in 2016, never to return.

Cut to mid 2019 and a certain Lady Flic catches his eye, propping up the bar at the infamous NYC party Soul in the Horn. She was in the last week of her holiday.

They had a quick chat and the ceremonial exchanging of the 'grams.

The next week was whirlwind of dates, including a concert at The Gramercy, a fashion event at a loft on Wall Street, and Soul in the Horn in Brooklyn, where Lady Flic was guest DJ. She had to fly back to Bali soon after, but the love story bloomed over late night conversations and poetry. Pérez spent Christmas in Bali, and soon after they made plans to meet in Brazil. That was when the world shut down.

Amidst the chaos, it was decided that NYC was the place to be. And so Lady Flic arrived in New York in March. 2020 pressed fast forward on their relationship.

This is when they reconnected Pérez' turntables so that Flic could continue with her radio shows, and soon the passion for djing was reignited in Pérez. Their shared love of vinyl and all styles of music led to a rapidly blossoming and wildly eclectic collection.

November 2020 was the launch of Love from NYC, The All Vinyl Variety Show, a livestream on Twitch every Tuesday 8pm EST. 

During and after lockdown season, they hosted a monthly exclusive underground event for 10 months named Under the Influence of Love from NYC, which brought music lovers, dancers and outliers together in the name of community, connection and great music. 

They currently play around the city, at listening lounges and more fine establishments, including The Last Call, Commodore Bar, Bierwax, Port Sa'id, Mr Melo, Eavesdrop, ACE Hotel, Record Room LIC..

LOVE, from NYC. 

Love from NYC


Visit our livestream here www.twitch.tv/lovefromnyc